2015 Mustang

2015 Mustang

  • Posted on: 08/10/2014
  • By: Author

It must be holiday season, because tuning programs for the sixth-generation Ford Mustang are in full swing.

Last week, we reported on a 640-horsepower monster known as the Saleen 302, but there’s a sinister-looking Roush not far behind.

Automobile Magazine has released the first photos of the upcoming modified Mustang, and there are some noticeable changes to the pony car’s exterior. It's been fitted with an aggressive black aero kit, one that the tuner says elongates the car’s snout and improves slipperiness. It's also much more angular than the stock car, with enhanced venting, new spoilers, and sharper edges throughout.

It looks pretty menacing over all, but the grill, which is slotted and doesn’t feature the famed Mustang emblem, is a bit too Ford Fusion-y for my liking. The Roush has also been fitted with custom 20-inch wheels, which Roush claims are a bit lighter than the Ford’s factory shoes.

Performance specs are still under wraps as of this writing, but historically Roush adds various powertrain upgrades based on stages. For 2015, the company plans an RS model for the Mustang V6, an RS1 variant for the EcoBoost, an RS2 version for the 5.0-liter V8, and a range-topping RS3 package that will equip a supercharger.

Outside of extracting more power from the engine, Roush will offer two types of adjustable coil-overs and an active exhaust system for the car. Hopefully the engine sounds are real on this one.

Which do you prefer so far: the streamlined Saleen 302 or the wicked-looking Roush? Let us know in the comments.More details on both cars are forthcoming, but expect the Roush to be fully revealed later in 2014, with sales starting next year.

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