Ferrari F12 TDF Sound

Ferrari F12 TDF Sound

  • Posted on: 27/12/2015
  • By: Author

Two Ferrari F12 TDF were delivered in Monaco recently and they were caught on camera starting up and revving the engine.

Ferrari F12

The Ferrari F12 TDF is a more extreme limited edition of the Ferrari F12 and was officially unveiled back in October this year. Together with the unveiling it soon became clear that all 799 models of the F12 TDF were already spoken for. The Ferrari F12 TDF packs the same 6.3 litre V12 engine that we know from the ‘regular’ Ferrari F12, but has an increased output of 769bhp up from 730bhp.

With 2.9 seconds the F12 ‘tour de France’ accelerates to a 100 km/h faster than the F12 Berlinetta by 0.3 seconds. Other highlights include a 110kg weight saving program and a more aggressive exterior that improves the car’s aerodynamics. Both editions as viewed in the video feature the signature yellow paint-job that we know from the first unveiling. Judging from the footage the only difference between the two delivered cars are the wheels, one F12 TDF features the alu rims while the other one has black wheels.

Original published at "gtspirit" website.

Ferrari F12 TDF SOUND, Revs, Start up

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