MT-07 2018 is Out

MT-07 2018 is Out

  • Posted on: 19/03/2018
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You ride this machine. You ride a unique motorcycle, they say that it may be like a feeling riding a horse. When you drive you use all five senses and you become one with the machine. Since its founding, Yamaha Motor has always held one performance standard above the handling. All that effort created a machine that responds naturally and in tune with human perceptions. This standard is unchanging, and applied to machines for beginners as well as for the world’s top riders.

The feeling of machine rider unity is what creates the joy of the ride or the thrill of the challenge...and it's what defines Yamaha Handling.

If you want to ride with combination of Sport, action, fun, style the unique charm of MT is the right motorcycle for you. Light, slim and compact body.Smooth and torqueful 2-cylinder engine. A deeper, agile and powerful running that can be manipulated at will.


It is a new style to enjoy the city more.

Through conscious of the compact feeling and agility feeling which is the feature of the MT series, the styling of MT "DNA" becomes clearer by renewing the exterior. Newly designed tank covers and air scoops, new headlamps with winglets, tail cowl with layer structure, etc. are newly adopted. Especially, due to the design change of the boundary between the tank cover and the air scoop, each part is independent, but it shows the entire body as one "lump" to emphasize the sportiness more.

Body color available in 3 types.

Blue expresses Yamaha's sports quality by using Yamaha sports symbol, Racing Blue. Combining black everywhere, it shows a serious impression.

Matte gray combined with Acid Yellow around the legs creates a novel image.

Matt Dark expresses seriousness and fright while it is simple

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