ScanguageII New Firmware

ScanguageII New Firmware

  • Posted on: 12/03/2018
  • By: Author

Latest firmware 4.51 is now available. Time for an upgrade!

Linear Logic continues to update and enhance their Scangauge devices. By updating and improving many features and overall performance.

This is a short changelog since version 4.22


  • Adjusted timer used to determine data roll over from "Todays Trip" to "Previous Day" to be closer to 8 Hours
  • XGauges on gauge screen will now update with any changes made to them without needing a manual refresh
  • Improved XGauge functionality with certain Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep vehicles


  • Fixed bug where pending codes would increase continuously if certain XGauges were running in the background
  • Improved DTC function so that DTC data will be show even if the initial DTC count request does not receive a response
  • Added XGauge functionality for GM, MINI/BMW, and Nissan/Infiniti vehicles


  • Fixed screen flicker which occurs while using certain Nissan XGauges
  • Improved XGauge to handle Toyota / Lexus / Scion TPMS based XGauges


  • Improved XGauge functionality for Honda / Acura
  • Additional improvements to expand coverage of Toyota / Lexus / Scion TPMS based XGauges

Which Firmware do you have?

Here is how to check it...

Post 4.0

From the Home Screen, push the lower right function button twice next to MORE. Next, use the upper left and right function buttons to cycle through the available options until you reach the screen titled Version.

Check Firmware

Pre 4.0

From the Home Screen, from the home screen and pressing MORE>MORE>MORE>VERSION

Check Firmware


  • The cost to upgrade is 50 €.
  • Return shipping to you will be provided by standard delivery and this cost is included.
  • You must send us your Scangauge and the OBD2 cable for testing.
  • We will have shipped your device back within 2 days.
  • Experienced TPL technicians will upgrade the ScanGauge unit and the support team will be available for any question.

Interested? Let us know below!

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