Substantial Co-operation with tsuBOSSBRAKERACING

Substantial Co-operation with tsuBOSSBRAKERACING

  • Posted on: 01/02/2019
  • By: Author

TPL Parts is pleased to announce the beginning of cooperation with tsuBOSS Brake Racing.

TsuBOSS is a company that manufactures quality brake discs and brake pads for every type of motorcycle.

This fast growing company has managed, since 2000 , to become one the most known brands in the braking motorcycle field providing high quality brake discs and brake pads. It is a progress through investing in technology innovation and in continuous research into materials and manufacturing process. In 2009 tsuBOSS started producing rotors and pads for racing cars .

TsuBOSS continues to improve and evolve it's products and their performance and that is why it is a brand trusted not only by regular drivers and riders but also by individuals who compete in championships.

By collaborating , we enhance the availability of tsuBOSSBrakeRacing products worldwide via TPL sale channels. Experience a safe and simple shopping experience on TsuBOSS e-shop.

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