TPL Parts teams up with Olympia Electronics

TPL Parts teams up with Olympia Electronics

  • Posted on: 15/04/2019
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In the context of our continuous growth strategy, TPL Parts is pleased to announce the launch of partnership with Olympia Electronics S.A. which is the market leader in the Greek electronic safety and security industry.

Olympia Electronics S.A is active in developing innovative electronic safety and security systems by using state of the art technology. Currently employs 185 people with 10% in R&D and its products are exported to 72 countries worldwide. One of the oldest and largest electrical and electronics manufacturers in Europe, Olympia Electronics founded in 1979 and entered into emergency lighting manufacturing in 1981 followed by fire alarm manufacturing in 1985.

In 1986 the company became the Greek leader in the electronic safety and security industry and began exporting its products in 1989. From 1990 through to 1999, the company expanded its product offering (9 product lines) maintaining a dominant position in the market. Between 1999 and 2004, the company won many industry awards for its successful and innovative business activities.


In February 2005 Olympia Electronics achieved EFQM (European Foundation Quality for Management) recognition. On January of 2008 the company is awarded with the Special Honorary Recognition TUV HELLAS and on the May of the same year, with the National Recognition of Business Excellence from the Greek ministry of development. On October of 2011 the company is awarded with the European distinction “Commitment to the Business Excellence” of EFQM from EDEE. Also it is distinguished with the “Adoption of the principles of Business Excellence”. For two consequent years, 2011 and 2012, the company is awarded with the Business Excellence “Bronze Bee” from the BUSINESS ETHICS EXCELLENCE AWARDS EBBEN GR.

On 2014 the company is declared a National Champion of Innovation on the European Champion Awards, on the same year it is also awarded with the Silver Awards from EBEN GR. Moreover on 2014 the company receives the First Award for Outward-Looking from the Greek Value and the First place Award of Technology – Innovation from the Greek Exports Forum. On 2015 the company is awarded as a National Champion on the European Business Awards 2014/2015 sponsored by RSM. Also on the same year the company receives a triple distinction from Made in Greece 2015. In 2016, it succeeds on passing in the 20 qualified contestants of the EUROBANK Growth Awards - GRANT THORNTON.

On 2017 is among 175 companies at the forefront of growth, according to GRANT THORNTON. In December of the same year it receives the Gold Award at GREEK EXPORTS AWARDS 2017 while at the same time it also receives the award of the Business Excellence Award and the Excellence Award for Industrial Product Award at the MADE IN GREECE 2017 awards.

On March of 2018 it is selected as one of the best European Companies in the list “Ones to Watch”

Olympia Electronics S.A has a wide variety of products in the field of:

- Emergency Lighting:

  • Emergency Luminaries
  • Emergency Edge Illumination Signs
  • Addressable Emergency Lighting
  • Central Battery Systems "CBS"
  • Anti-explosive type emergency Luminaries
  • Wireless emergency lighting monitoring

-Fire Detections System:

  • Conventional Fire Detection Systems
  • Analog Addressable Fire Detection Systems
  • Fire Extinguish Panels
  • Beam Smoke & Flame Detectors
  • Fire Detection Peripheral Devices

-Burglar Alarm Systems such as:

  • BS-458/KIT
  • S-468/A/KIT
  • ....

-Gus Detection System :

  • Analog Gas Detection
  • Autonomous Gas Detection Peripherals


  • Wired Room Thermostats
  • Wireless Room Thermostats
  • Wireless WiFi Room Thermostats

-Hotel access - Card switches:

  • Door Lock, Lighting & Air-Conditioning Access Control Unit Using RFID Technology
  • Lighting & Air-Conditioning Control Units with RFID Technology
  • Magnetic Card Switches
  • Control Unit and Indicators
  • Common Card Switches

- Electric insect traps:

  • Electric Insect Traps with High Voltage Grid
  • Electric Insect Traps with Special Glue

Control devices - Warning units

Signs for General Purpose

Rechargeable lighting 

Marine Products and other categories.

This strategic partnership was established to provide all these high quality products and services centered on the customer needs. TPL offers high-quality e-market experience in a secure environment , on reliable online worldwide channels so that the customer will find the product that interests him in all major online sales channels (Amazon, eBay, Google Merchant, eshop, CSE).

Discover Olympia Electronics Products

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