What is a motorcyclist?

What is a motorcyclist?

  • Posted on: 30/07/2018
  • By: Author

First came bicycles. Almost everyone knows how to ride a bike. But there are those who chose to ride bikes for the rest of their lives.

Just a bit faster.

Or a lot faster.

Some like travelling , others prefer fast short afternoon getaways.

There are those who just want to go everyday to work and back riding and those who decided to see the world on two wheels.

All are motorcyclists.

You see them on the road every day.  You cannot understand why would anyone choose that way of transport. They are these people who do not care if it rains  or it is windy or if it is so hot that under their jacket they are burning from sun's heat. 


Ask them why motorbikes? They cannot answer. It is something that cannot be described with words. Either you feel the thrill or not. I said them... I mean US!

Yes I ride too...

It is a feeling of freedom. You are alone , exposed to every weather condition but with a unique feeling of the road and speed. You feel the wind coming to you faster and faster as you open the throttle. You hear the noise from your engine and exhaust louder and louder. And you are wondering . How much faster can I go before fear or the road make me slow down.

Most important reason these days for riding a bike??


"You do not need a therapist if you own a motorcycle, any kind of motorcycle!"

― Dan Aykroyd

The next time you see your kid with his face on the window smiling and waving at someone outside he or she might be looking at a rider. And guess what , you might just have in the back sit of your car a new member of this crazy community . A rider to be.


And for all of you who want a definition after this …

A person willing to take a tank of flammable liquid , place it on top of a hot moving engine and then put the whole lot between their legs.


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